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Strap cutting machines useful clearance  mod. from 150 to 300 mm

These machines are able to cut in stripes various kinds of materials (leather, hide, rubber and synthetic material). They can cut from a minimum width of 2 mm, until a maximum of 300 mm according to the model used. These machines are equipped with a clutch motor driven by foot control lever, which gives You a greater preciseness and working praticalness.

The series of these models is composed by 4 models: L150 - L151 - L300 - L301.

The models L151 and L301 have these characteristics:

1 -
Considerable speed in changement knives and spacers which are assembled on an extractable hollow shaft.

2 - Considerable speed in changement nylon roller: You remove the lower part without disassembling the whole set.
3 - Nylon set moving until 10 mm about to avoid cutting too much in the same place.
4 - Useful clearance: 135mm -285mm