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Strap cutting machines useful clearance mod. from 500 to 1200 mm

These machines are able to cut in stripes various kinds of materials (leather, hide, rubber and synthetic material).

They can cut from a minimum width of 2 mm, until a maximum of 1200 mm according to the model used.

These machines are equipped with a clutch motor driven by foot control lever, which gives You a greater preciseness and working praticalness.

The series of these models is composed by 5 models: L250 - L500 - L650 - L900 - L1200

Machine characteristics

Mod. L250 - Useful clearance from 2mm to 250mm
This machine particularly strong is suitable for the particular exigencies of cutting on materials quite hard and thick, besides it makes more cutting than every other machine on the market, allowing obtaining a greater output. The motor starting is due by a foot control or by a switch lever which gives working praticalness.

Mod. L500 - Useful clearance from 2mm to 500mm
Nylon set moving until 10 mm about to avoid cutting too much in the same place.

Mod. L650 - Useful clearance from 2mm to 650mm 

Mod. L650/120 - Using knives of 120X40X1,5 it can cut material with a thickness of max. 30mm.

Mod. L900 - L1200 - Useful clearance from 20 to 1200 mm
On these machines caused their useful clearance, have been applied:
n. 1 teflon support on the knives shaft for L900 and n. 2 for L1200;
n. 1 rolling support on the counter knife in order to avoid the shaft flexion on L900 and
n. 2 rolling supports L1200 always to avoid the shaft flexion, and an other one to avoid the head flexion.