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Strap cutting machines mod. 1500/A-B and 2000/A-B mm

These machines, for its particular structure very strong and for the knives' dimensions, it's able to cut materials till 45 mm of thickness.

It's due of a mechanical speed converter that, differently from the electronic one (inverter) which loses power with low rev., increases the speed.

It’s possible however on demand to prepare the machines with inverter without mechanical speed converter.

Machine characteristics

Models A
The cut is made with knives 180 x 60 x 2 mm in normal steel and spacers

Machine characteristics

Models B
The model B is different  because  it uses knives assembled on a sliding cutter block instead of spacers for the cutting measures, without disassembly the knives from the shaft, the only thing to take present is that' s impossible to do cutting lower than 50 mm.