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Endless belts cutting machines with multiple knives mod. TML99/420

These kinds of machines have been studied for sectioning the couplings already manufactured, in desired width changing spacers among the knives to obtain driving belts both plain and toothed ones as MXL - XL - L - H.

The cut is made introducing the ring on the support of the nylon counter knife.

The machines are due of an inverter operating by a pedal to increase or reduce the rotation speed following the working exigencies.

The lifting of the counter knife can be made by a pneumatic cylinder. ( TML99/160)
The counter knife is fixed, instead of the knife shaft is lifted and lowered thought the pneumatic cylinder. (TML99/420)




Motor Hp. 2
Useful clearance mm. 420 (17")

Min. diam. rings mm. 100
Development mm. 314(13")

Cutting speed Mt. 0/20 Minute


Motor Hp. 1
Useful clearance mm. 155 (6")

Min. diam. rings mm. 70
Development mm. 210(8")

Max. diam. rings mm. 1000
Development mm. 3140(123")
Cutting speed Mt. 0/20 Minute